Just mentioning few of their values. I think Saru will just be the surrogate first officer again although he is now a captain. Anyway it was just a thought. And yeah, some of us are coach potatoes, most of us certainly not gold cut supermodels. At the other end, underweight is also unhealthy and associated with other risks, but gets less negative attention in entertainment. So many reasons to be critical of Disco plot holes, awful sense of morals, missed opportunities, etc. I am a therapist in real life, and even *I* think it was crazy that they had a therapist on the bridge. I would imagine those who liked Barclay probably include a large portion of those who like Tilly. Where is this? Michelle Yeoh, considerably smaller in physical stature, probably weighs around 90# [because she is allll muscle]. She brings so much heart to the show. There is a wealth of other outlets for health and fitness information, that frankly are more dispassionate and factual than getting health and fitness info from celebrities. Jerks. Or are you only a troll if you criticize something about Discovery? Its really just certain comments sections and Facebook garbage holes. What do you mean? Contents 1 Early life 2 Starfleet career 2.1 USS Discovery 2.1.1 The war 2.1.2 Post-war 2.1.3 32nd century 3 Personal relationships 3.1 Friendships Definitely a character created for the TikTok generation to like.. high five, hugs and ditziness with lots of over emotional feelings on display. Somewhere in the bowels of Secret Hideout, they invented a computer program that can cobble together scripts that fit various parameters. If Tilly needed to pick up a phaser or be physically active then that means the Discovery is in some serious shit, with it either having been boarded and their entire security personnel neutralised, or with Tilly separated from the ship, most like due to its destruction. And Tilly is the Trekkie. And honestlyKirk wouldnt last a week in a military environment. ..I have a total girl crush. We love that someone who isnt super fit was cast, especially that its a woman. And thats a healthy outlook. each series has traditionally had someone that acts as a way to explore the inner humanityie spock, data, odo, doc/seven. They told us and a handful of other outlets what to expect for their characters and more. Biography Unity? David, has Michael becoming captain changed Books relationship with her? Now if it turns out, Burnham was being influenced by an alien entity or she has been given insight into the future which made it imperative that she rush Tilly into becoming the Number One, then I can accept it. Paramount+'s Star Trek: Discovery is the flagship of the modern-day Star Trek television franchise, premiering in 2017 and about to launch its fourth season on November 18. KevinB: I let go of my preconceptions about what star trek is.. For people who dont know, it had to do with Voyager leading a fleet of ships going back to the Delta Quadrant a few years after Voyager arrived home. Hes been very creative in using callbacks and interweaving eras in his own work. | November 13, 2021 | Bullied badly as a child and teen so I know what I speak of; Im just glad I grew up pre-Internet, and I sympathize with any nowadays who have to deal with Internet bullying on top of real world bullying. ;). The entire point of Tillys character is that shes a Starfleet officer that doesnt have to be a supermodel like so many Trek characters before: Troi, Seven, TPol, Jadzia perfect golden cut supermodels. [laughs] Everybody loves Tilly. Proceed accordingly. Its not celebrating obesity to say that her body is her business and nobody elses. Like maybe he would be way too codependent or something? Even though he is one of the worst characters in Trek, he was the main focus in arguably the best episode of Voyager: Timeless. I absolutely love Tilly/Killy. But dont those characteristics fit better on a younger character, while the older one grows up and changes? Probably some admirals cousin. should take a pear of pruning shears and cut off that little pecker of yours (its what Killy would do). The doctor was usually the therapist. It has also been speculated that Wiseman may be moving over to the proposed Starfleet Academy show openly discussed by Alex Kurtzman and Paramount+ execs but not yet officially ordered as a series. So. It is not yet known what role, if any, Wisemans Tilly would have in the upcoming season, with possibilities ranging from guest or recurring character to becoming a series regular again. New episodes of Star Trek: Discovery premiere on Thursdays on CBS All Access in the U.S. and on CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada, where it's also available to stream on Crave. Release date: Star Trek Discovery season 4 will release on November 18 in the US. Mary Wiseman (born July 30, 1985) is an American actress. In this week's episode of Star Trek: Discovery season four, we saw Tilly leaving her crew and heading to the academy in order to foster young minds. Tilly once thought being captain was her biggest dream, but after a . All Access Star Trek Podcast, Discovery, DS9, Lower Decks, Section 31, Star Trek 4, Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Prodigy, Strange New Worlds. This is rare case were I actually agree with Lorma. She is most recognized for her roles in the science fiction drama series Star Trek: Discovery on Paramount+, where she first played Cadet, then Ensign, and finally . Weight gain from thyroid issues, anti depressants, steroids, is a fairly small percent of the population. I would expect more from the Star Trek crowd, which is usually quite enlightened. It is one thing to be healthy and quite another to be reed-thin and healthy. I could watch Tilly all day! In season three Tilly was first officer and then acting captain; how does all of that affect who she is in season four? He was a cool character and one of the best things about season 3. Maybe having had to step up to the plate before she was ready I think she intellectually knows that she didnt fail, and that its not her fault that Osyraa took the ship, she didnt have all the information, but I still think the fact that that she took command and somehow lost the ship would be an enormous blow to her confidence and make her question a lot of stuff. Someone with a lack of intelligence throws a race card at every debate. It just came to me and wanted your opinion. The U.S.S. I would not say it isnt a valid creative decision to try this approach, especially in an age where we are emphasizing the need for self-care, its just not to my taste. My point was Why does the ships therapist have a bridge station? Mary Wiseman told Forbes, It was tricky, but it was a really, really fun and satisfying challenge.. Btw have you come across any good DS9 books about what happened to Sisko or the rest of the crew after the finale? And I felt that was ridiculous. Before we move on to SuKal this Thursday, there are still some bits to catch up on from the Terra Firma arc of Star Trek: Discovery. But I think one of the things that leaves everyone feeling unmoored in this situation is they dont even know how to use their skills to deal with this because its something theyve never seen before, and they cant predict it, they dont know by which rules its operating, and how to even engage. I actually had an entire epic story mapped out that I was seriously considering turning into a series of novels. All Access Star Trek Podcast, Discovery, DS9, Lower Decks, Section 31, Star Trek 4, Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Prodigy, Strange New Worlds. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The problem is, very deep into his 80s, and theres still chatter about him playing the action hero. However, we do know that David Mack does. Barclay was another unrealistic character that never shouldve made it in to Starfleet. Not sure what the formal CBS/Paramount process is for publishing that kind of stuff, but the story was so detailed that I genuinely wanted to begin looking into it. #StarTrekDiscovery #MirrorLandry pic.twitter.com/Ed0nbToiQH, Rekha the leaves (@TheRekhaSharma) December 19, 2020. Neither were annoying. To even suggest that is stupidity writ large. A statistical average does not justify shaming or ridiculing anyone. Its this kind of nonsense that ruins Discovery. STAR TREK and its various marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. 2023 CBS Studios Inc./Paramount Pictures Corp. 2006-2023 SciFanatic Network | Legal/Privacy Info, Copyright 2023 | MH Newsdesk by MH Themes, Podcast: All Access Dives Into The Latest Episode Of Picard And Probes Star Treks TV (And Movie) Future, BREAKING: Star Trek: Discovery To Conclude With Season 5, Review: Star Trek: Picard Runs Deep In Seventeen Seconds, Watch Picard And Riker Reverse Their Classic Roles In Star Trek: Picard Episode 303 Clip, J.J. Abrams Talks Compelling Story For Star Trek 4; Chris Pine Expresses Frustration Over Wait, I hope Mary Wiseman is okay or has a good reason for her weight gain since S1. It feels the only reason was to have a non-binary character, which after a few episodes ended up fading into the background with the rest of the furniture anyway. It explains why each scene is half-redundant and half-contradictory with the others within the same episode. In season one and early season two, I was finding it credible as a case of someone who had unresolved PTSD and was unmoored from the culture that had encouraged her to supress her trauma. Since you said mum Im going to assume youre in the UK, and I can personally confirm that you can get some great help, including face to face therapy, through the NHS, for free. 108 comments so far. The Berman era had specific ideas about things like accents and music that kind of locked it into something fairly homogeneous. Maybe its just me, but I dont really care about women or mens weight on TV shows, I dont care for negative comments on them by haters, but neither do I care for the actors/actresses making such a whiney big deal about it. I realize there are people who like his quirks. Do I want to be Sisko or Picard or Archer then most likely yes. Overweight and obesity are a leading health risk identified by the World Health Organization. And over the last couple of years, so have I. Im still not fond of the gory, violent Klingon business of the first couple of seasons, but I slowly began to see DISCO anew. David Ajala: I think its made Cleveland Booker even more attracted to Michael Burnham because I think he looks and goes Oh, scrumptious. Im glad we are finally seeing it. What a surprise. She is full of self doubt, guilt, and anxiety, yet she doesnt quit. And, in that sense, it is okay to be used as it was above. I would just be happy if Rhys got more than three lines an episode lol. So when very capable people feel un-capable, crazy things happen. TrekMovie.com is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures Corp. or the Star Trek franchise. Well second most after Burnam , she was fine in season 1 and 2.past 2 seasons theyve rushed her character developmentsame with michael.the vulcan minded human became human real fast. Its a problem in even some least developed countries now. Do I want to be Barclay or Harry Kim? I dont see a repeated notion that DISCO saved Trek by heavily incorporating emotion into their characters. When Mary Wisemans Lt. Sylvia Tilly left the USS Discovery for a job at the new Starfleet Academy in the fourth episode of season four, it was promised she would be back. Thats not good writing, its oandering fan fiction, Starfleet is not military. Her character, Sylvia Tilly, has had plenty of opportunities to shine without giving anything away, and Wiseman has risen to the occasion.